Champion By Choice: Reinventing Yourself

Who are you right now? Who do you want to become?

You may feel that you are not happy with your life right now.

You know you need to change but it’s hard for you to take a giant leap into the unknown.

You are constantly asking yourself, “What if I could…?”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

During this engaging keynote, William explores the different identities that the public perceives him to be and the identities he wants for himself. William masterfully weaves vivid stories with universal truths into a memorable experience. Audiences leave inspired and equipped to apply the lessons learned, and take their performance to new heights.

Key points:

  • Developing a clear sense of IDENTITY is critical to reaching your full potential.
  • Setting specific and lofty GOALS will drive you past your comfort zone.
  • Winners embrace ADVERSITY and leverage their challenges for individual and team growth.

Champion By Choice: Communicate Like A Champion

While today’s culture is saturated with messages of “fitting in” and “looking good”, William empowers audiences to cut away expectations, develop self-confidence and make communication choices that are healthy, authentic, and freeing.

He demonstrates that, although the past often plays into the present, it doesn’t have to determine one’s destiny. William offers a number of real-life accounts of the growth and success that is not only available, but is highly probable, with examples that awaken truth, possibilities, and untapped personal resources.

Key points:

  • How to reverse engineer your presentation based on the result you want to achieve;
  • How to tune into what really matters by focusing on what excites your audience and what you stand for;
  • How to use past hurts to uncover humor and build a deeper bond with others.

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