Speaking Disclaimer

William Hung, (referred to as Speaker or Coach) wants to make clear that his presentations are for entertainment, general informational, and educational purposes only. Nothing he shares is meant to take the place of professional advice from a trained, licensed professional. He is not providing legal advice, nor is he providing mental, emotional, or physical health advice or services to you or anyone in his audiences or who may watch or listen to a recorded presentation.

If you are experiencing symptoms of distress then contact 911 immediately. If you need legal, medical, emotional, or financial advice seek out a trained, licensed professional who can provide you help specific to your unique situation.

While William sometimes speaks to students, his presentations are not meant for youngsters below the age of 13.

Behavior and life changes are challenging and require concerted effort on the part of the person trying to change. William makes no promises that listening to or attending a presentation of his will result in any improvement to your life, business, or career. Success is dependent on many things including your actions and other conditions outside of your control.

You understand the limitations of a speech or presentation and agree that William has no direct or indirect control or influence over what you do, what you don’t do, or the outcomes of your life.