Audiences rave about William Hung’s inspiring, motivational speeches and educational presentations.

His experience as a rejected American Idol™ contestant whose failed audition went viral gave William a unique perspective that your group can relate to and apply in their own personal or professional lives.

William’s popular, core presentations include:

From Fear to Courage

Do you feel there is something missing in your life?

You know you are missing something and you’re not sure what is…

Or maybe you know what it is and you find it difficult to communicate with other people…

Either way, you know you are not achieving your maximum potential.

If this is you, then William will show you how to turn your fear into courage by:

  • Overcoming your fear of failure
  • Standing by your values
  • Take smaller leaps that lead to your giant leap

From Confrontation to Communication

You are a middle manager and a catalyst for driving change for your organization.

Yet, you feel like you are stuck in the middle.

You need to implement changes from senior managers that sometimes you might not believe in.

On the other hand, you need to persuade people you manage that their work is valuable to their long-term growth.

You are constantly swapping between the role of a leader and the role of a follower.

What can you do?

During this presentation, middle managers will learn how to:

  • align personal mission with the company’s mission
  • redefine what a good day at work means
  • negotiate authority

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