Have you ever wanted to something in life but you couldn’t do it because of fear?

Check out the episodes below from different people from all walks of life who turned their fears into courage to achieve their visions.

Creating Your Next Amazing Presentation

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Episode 5: Eat Less, Move More! (Coming Soon)

Mark Hill was the November 2017 Graduate of Jack Canfield’s yearlong Train the Trainer Live Program. Learned, Lived, and is now teaching the Core Principles of “The Success Principles How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” Abundantly equipped with a toolbox of proven strategies, exercises, and methodologies guaranteed to help others create the life of their dreams. These principles were created from over 40 years of research of how successful people have accomplished enormous success by utilizing these exact principles.

Episode 4: Against All Odds (Coming Soon)

Nicole Ver Kuilen lost her leg to bone cancer at age 10 and wants to be a voice for change: better rights for amputees and access to the technology and care they need to reach their full potential. She just completed a 1,500 mile trek - running, biking and swimming - down the entire West coast from Seattle to San Diego to raise awareness. Her journey was called "Forrest Stump." Nicole is now working to found Forrest Stump as a nonprofit, finish a documentary highlighting her struggles, and bring her story to D.C. to advocate for legislative changes affecting the coverage of prosthetic devices. Her motto and what she wants to pass along in this podcast is: "What doesn't challenge us, doesn't change us."

Episode 3: The New #1 Fear

Hélio Vogas is the type of speaker whom will get your audience to feel energized, motivated and ready to take over the world.

Instead of reading from the PowerPoint and speaking from behind the podium, he will get people on stage, demonstrate his points through dynamic activities and interactions, walk among your audience members, and fire up each and every one of them with his motivational messages and actionable advice.

With science-backed and business-proven tips and strategies explained in an interactive and engaging way, Hélio will give the tools your audience needs to become more effective in a way they will remember and apply!

Hélio uses his background in accelerated learning and as a business owner to ensure all his presentations are easy to learn and applicable in real life. He uses his experience in martial arts as well as extreme and competitive sports to give your audience insights to business that most other speakers just can’t.

Born in a middle-class family without any really extraordinary hardship, the audiences connect with Hélio by seeing him as “just like them”. This gives Hélio the power to inspire the audiences by creating a “if he can do this, I can do this too!” frame.

On a personal side: Hélio currently lives in Germany with his wife and daughter and loves spending time with them. On his spare time, if weather allows, he loves skydiving and other extreme sports.

Episode 2: Your Vote is Your Voice

Emily Quach is a freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Political Science and hopes to attend law school post-graduation. She aspires to be a civil or immigration attorney and also be involved with grassroots mobilization and minority politics. In high school, she was very involved with politics and law from having internships in both fields. She hopes to inspire other Asian Americans and minorities to get involved in politics for more representation in the government. One day, she plans to run for office whether at the local, state, or federal level. 

Episode 1: What Makes You Happy 

Chris Bohinski (Boh the Smile Guy) is host, creator, and executive producer of NYC Smile 4 Me. NYC Smile 4 Me's mission is to spread happiness, positivity, and joy by chronicling Boh the Smile Guy asking the same 4-word question to everyone he meets, “What makes you smile?” Share your #SmileStory with Boh the Smile Guy and visit NYCSmile4Me.com today!