It’s time to go from fearful to courageous!

You have a mission to fulfill and a message to deliver.

Think for just a minute…what would your life be like if you stopped resisting your calling?

What if you went from being fearful to having courage?

You know you’re capable of more if only you could…

  • Tell your story in such a powerful way you touch people’s hearts and move them to action
  • Stand in front of a group of dozens…hundreds…or even thousands with confidence
  • Create financial freedom for yourself and your family by sharing your message

Sounds fantastic…But it’s scary, isn’t it?

You risk rejection and the pain of being told “no.”

So you’re torn between taking a chance and going for it or playing safe and small while your heart aches with disappointment that you’re not going after your dream.

And you’re just a little jealous when you see someone else make it and you know you have a bigger message and could make an even bigger impact.

If only…

I’m William Hung. That’s right, the person who’s failed audition on American Idol has been viewed more than 5 million times on You Tube.

But what looked like a humiliating failure, actually turned out to be my greatest opportunity.

I was in the media. I got a recording contract. I had a part in a movie and on the popular show, Arrested Development.

That all happened ONLY because I took a chance and failed.

I failed big time.

On national TV and the Internet.

I could have hidden in my apartment and not answered my phone.

I could have seen all the media attention – from Ellen, Jay Leno, and Howard Stern as making fun of me.

But that’s not what I did. (Well OK…Howard WAS making fun of me. But that was ok because he makes fun of EVERYBODY.)

So instead of hiding, I embraced what happened and leaned into it. I accepted each opportunity that came my way and made the best of it.

I thought “Hey, I made it THIS far. Let’s see where this next step leads.”

“What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise…” ~ Oscar Wilde

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My story – taking a big risk and “failing” publicly – was something lots of people could relate to and found themselves inspired by.

I’ve leveraged my story to become a speaker and coach helping audience members and clients overcome fears, go for their dreams, improve their self-confidence, and take risks.

I speak to groups – including companies, associations, and schools.

I also coach speakers to develop their signature talk, improve their delivery, and make a bigger impact.

And I coach entrepreneurs and professionals to go after their dreams, take risks, and make the best of every experience – no matter how negative it appears – by changing their mindset and getting rid of their limiting beliefs.

You know you were meant for more in your life, career, or business. I can help you overcome your fears to experience the freedom you’ve been looking for.

If you are ready to begin this journey with me, then please reach out to me.

I look forward to helping you and your audience become courageous leaders so they can have prosperous fulfilling lifes.


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