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With so much pressure on the numbers and fear of failure, your people are on the verge of burnout.  In fact, most cutting-edge IT departments report that their number one worry is high employee turnover.  That’s because the intensity involved with this field combined with high expectations for innovation and deadlines often results in overwhelmed, overworked, and yet uninspired team members, especially at the management level.

They need to find their own creativity, voice, and gifts to help those things shine through in their everyday work.  They also need to find the connection to their people that’s been lost to the focus on increased production.  This is possible with the right mindset toward growth, something the “She Bangs” star William Hung brings in spades as he inspires your audience.  William Hung will transform your teams – taking them on a journey from fearful to committed, determined and inspired to engage in lasting personal and professional growth.

What if you had more courage and confidence? What if you suddenly saw what others call failure as what it really is – an opportunity to learn, grow, and reach new heights?

Would you take more risks? Would you speak?….Write a book?…Start a business?…Approach that big prospect?

What would you try if told yourself a new story? One with a different perspective and a different ending?

What if YOU were the courageous hero to others and shared your story with others who need to hear it and learn from it or launched that business that could make a difference in your clients lives?

What could you do if you just took action?

Let me help you to let go of your fears and limiting beliefs and embrace the courage that’s inside of you waiting to get out.

I can help you find your raving fans, stop worrying about pleasing other people, and position yourself so you’re seen as a recognized leader to your audience. I can inspire your audience to The courageous hero (or she-ro) to an audience of potential clients for your coaching or consulting services or buyers of your products.

My Beginning

This is your guide and your mentor, William Hung, to help you find your courage to have a prosperous fulfilling life.

Yes…THAT William Hung.

I played it safe for the first quarter of my life.

I was born in Hong Kong and lived there with my parents during my early childhood.

We were a typical, middle class family who did things together including going to karaoke lounges to sing and have fun. That’s where my love of singing comes from.

We moved to the United States when I was 10, and I grew up as a responsible, dutiful son to my Asian parents.

I was obedient, studied hard, and was even named valedictorian of my high school graduating class.

But when I went to college I became unhappy.

Well…miserable really.

I wasn’t excited about my classes or about the prospect of a future as a civil engineer.

My grades suffered as I became more and more unhappy.

What if there was something bigger I was supposed to do?

What if I wasn’t supposed to follow the typical route to success that my family expected me to quietly accept?

One day, on an impulse, I competed in a talent show on campus at my school, the University of California at Berkley.

I won the grand prize!

A DVD player.

But I was excited. I loved to sing and started to wonder if music could possibly be a career for me.

My Big Chance

So when I saw a flyer promoting auditions for the show American Idol®, I thought “Maybe this is my chance!”

You probably know the rest of that part of the story since my failed audition somehow went viral. It’s been seen on YouTube more than 5 million times!

My failure was suddenly all over the news and the Internet.

Humiliation or Opportunity?

I had a choice…I could die of shame because I failed the audition; or I could embrace the sudden attention and opportunities that being a “loser” brought my way.

But, my parents had raised me to believe that failing is okay as long as you know in your heart you did your best.

Instead of just quietly going away, I said “yes!” to the calls for interviews and appearances.

Before I knew it I had a contract – for $25,000 — to record my own album!

I know…crazy right?

Since then I’ve appeared on dozens of programs from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Howard Stern and appeared in publications ranging from USA Today to Time magazine.

I’ve even been in a movie and on TV (in a fun part on the hit show Arrested Development).

I quickly realized that many people wouldn’t have taken advantage of the opportunities that came from a very public failure.

And then it hit me.

I realized I had a mission 

I realized I had a great opportunity: To inspire and teach people who are playing small  —  who let fears, doubts, and low self-esteem keep them stuck  —  to break free from their self-imposed barriers and blocks.

To go from ordinary to extraordinary and from fear to freedom.


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92% of people never reach their goals. They spend their days wishing and hoping and dreaming of what could be.

You deserve to be in the 8% that do.

Don’t just dream.  Let me help you so you can realize your vision and achieve your dreams.

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